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Growing food at home is becoming much more popular, so we decided to devote this section of our website to show you practical methods for growing food at home that will minimize the effort and maximize the produce. You can grow food in small areas, on your property, on your balcony, on your roof or wherever you can find a little sun. Our Grandparents grew food out of necessity during the depression and in their victory gardens during the war. We cannot afford to lose these skills.

OMAFRA has a new site on Urban Agriculture>.

Joyce and Mike Higgs of Portage Perennials are experimenting with ways to reduce their food dependency. Here is their blog>

Not only is this food you grow going to taste better, but it is also going to save you a bunch of cash. If you think that because you are an appartment dweller, that you are out of luck, check out this video (high speed recommended)

You might want to check out the Urban Farmer site for lists of edible plants. As well there is a database of plants on a site called Plants for a Future that you might find useful. If you ever want to know what flowers taste like try this link.


The most successful and productive vegetable gardens use raised beds. Here are some ways to create highly productive gardens in small spaces...more >


Here is information you will need on the vegetables commonly grown in our area....more>

Garden Show

Fruits and Nuts

Ever wanted to grow strawberries, blackberries, apples, cherries or nut trees? Here is your chance to find out how....more>

Nutritional Value

Vegetables vary in their nutritional value. You may want to maximize the value of what you grow with respect to their nutrition. Here is a list from Health Canada. Here is similar information for fruits and similar information for nuts.

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